Me Whining, Part V

Hi, my name is Dana and I live in fear. Fear is my constant companion, you might even say she's one of my close personal friends, and many of the things I do are driven by the dark nagging hunch that there might just be something going terribly wrong with this world. Unfortunately, deep down I know that everything is wrong. How can things be right anyhow, in a place, where life is the most impossible and random event ever, the most arbitrary of all things to occur. I know the pains of trying to conceive. It can be difficult for some people, including myself. So on the one side, there is not-life, the hindrance towards something, the positive gatekeeper. And then also, we have Death, the eternal party pooper, to the other end of the spectrum. I almost wrote rainbow instead of spectrum, but I'm much too bitter to even think rainbow right now. What is there to say about horrible, selfish, gut-twisting Death, the sad end to a concept that wasn't exactly cheerful to begin with? I know. I'm turning into this depressed wailing creature and I can't blame it on anyone but myself. As far as I know, this year I'm giving good old crybaby Nietzsche a run for his money! Sorry about that. The issue has been dealt with before, whined about a lot, by poets, scientists, and walking, thinking, conscious beings all through the ages, and still, I feel as though it hasn't been said quite enough.

You suck, Death. Go away.