Six Sentence Sunday: Coming Home


Hello there Sunday Sixers, and Sixer-fans, and welcome to another round of our wonderful Sunday tradition. Admittedly, I have been absent quite a lot, half the time editing, the other half of the time slacking off, but...OK, no BUT, there is no excuse for editing during the holidays, I know. :) I'm looking forward to seeing what you have all been up to lately, and I'll be reading your excerpts momentarily. Oh, and I'd be a very happy bee if you left me a little comment with your thoughts and insight before you go. Have a good one. :)  
Today, there will be no excerpt from The Days Adrift, instead, I'll give you the first six sentences of Anoethau, fruit of my NaNoWriMo participation this year. Let's get to it then, shall we.

Artie turned the key with one hand, the plastic bag with groceries was dangling from the wrist of his other arm. He gave the thick wooden door a little push. Home.  
He loved the smell of the old house, and every time the door closed behind him he felt like he entered a different world, another century, the world his grandparents had lived in. 
The house had been in his family for generations, but much to his surprise his grandmother had left it to him, the ex-convict, the murderer, not his sister, the one who had been the epitome of virtue all her life.
After living in the house for over a year, it still made him grin thinking about it, visualizing his sister's face the moment she found out that she and her annoying idiot husband were left with nothing.